Hi, I'm Corey,

UX Designer

As an agile creative, attentive listener, and passionate leader, I excel at finding innovative solutions to complex design challenges that may not have obvious answers. My ability to identify user needs and craft intuitive experiences sets me apart in the field."

Below are a few selected projects from my UX career. You can also learn about my process here.

Featured Projects

Product Design + Design System+Branding+Strategy+Marketing



Neutrality is set to become the world’s most revolutionary news aggregator. It’s an online platform that will allow users to tailor the content they want to consume according to sophisticated filters.

Design System + Ui Kit + Dashboard Redesign

PAR Techknow

Design System + Ui Kit

Health Partners

Building a Design system for 2 bridging applications that are fully operational health insurance application.

Featured Projects

Branding+Product Design+Design System+


Hotspots Navigator is a comprehensive

navigation app designed to help users discover

and explore popular local hotspots, whether they

are tourists exploring a new city or locals looking

for hidden gems.

Brand Identity + Web Design

Flat Butchery

In the spirit of unwavering commitment, we embark on a transformative journey to define and refine the essence of Flatbutchery through our Branding Guidelines and Logo Design project. With the mantra "Made in Flatbush, Owned by Us," we aim to forge an indomitable identity that resonates powerfully and endures in the hearts and minds of every customer, partner, and neighbor.

Flat Butchery Final Logo

Brand Identiy + App Concept

Golden Water Eccomerce



Purpose HTX

Be Your Own Purpose" is not just a phrase but a guiding ethos. The ability to rise above is an inherent strength. It's a belief we've held since our inception, propelling us continuously. This ideology doesn't just define us; it fuels the essence of everything we bring to life.

Branding + Website Design + Printed Menus + Online Ordering System

Watson's Famous BBQ

Watson’s Famous BBQ is a veterans-owned and operated company in Pearland TX. Our goal is to nurture the relationships with our customers, and leave their taste buds begging for more after tasting the hickory, mesquite, and specially created blended spices that are perfectly crafted for each customer. To pair with our scrumptious BBQ, we also look forward to quenching our customers’ thirst with our specially crafted adult beverages.

FreeLance WebSitE Design & DeVELOPMENT

Design+Databases +Branding+Strategy+ Marketing + Websites +

A design Agency built to

deliver results through to your business."Crafting Profits Through Exceptional UX/UI: Explore CQ Creative's Success Story"

Picture this: a harmonious fusion of visionary UX design, seamless UI experiences, and web strategies that convert visitors into avid customers. We understand that the digital world thrives on tailored experiences, and that's precisely what we deliver. Just as Neutrality revolutionizes news consumption, we revolutionize the way design translates into profit for your business.

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